Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

Due to health and safety reason of our guests no outside food and beverage will be allowed inside the hotel.

The client bears responsibility for any damage by itself or any of its guest, whether inside or outside the banquet function room reserved, to any hotels equipment used, or any other part of the hotel premises.


The “Hotel” has full right to terminate the present contract without having to pay damages or interest to the “Company” and or its guests in case of force majeure, or in the event that the Hotel cannot operate due to the common accepted hotel norms for which the Hotel is not responsible, namely.

In the event the ‘’Company” stops payment or its assets are liquidated. In addition, one of the parties may terminate the contract in the events the other party does not partially or totally fulfill his contractual obligations with in one (1) month following written notice by the registered mail, return special requested.


Both parties are exonerated of all liability for the partial or full non-execution of the present agreement as the result of fortuitous event, an act by third party or a case of Force Majeure such as total or partial strike, war, closure, flood fire or any other disaster.

Any dispute arising from or further to the interpretation or execution of the present contract and for which our settlement is not possible shall be heard by the “Local Courts”. The present agreement is subject to the law of the kingdom of Bahrain